5 Minute Exercise at Work

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our fitness. But your desk job needn’t stop you from working out. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and even a brief workout can reap benefits.

Cardio activities like step aerobics and Jumping Jacks improve cognitive function and protect your brain from aging. Step aerobics build your calves and quadriceps, while Jumping Jacks is a rounded exercise that benefits your calves, hips, shoulders and core muscles. As well as improving your core strength, cardiovascular fitness prevents neurodegeneration like Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercising your legs can guard against loss of mobility and injuries later in life. One legged squats and leg lifts build up your quadriceps and hip flexors. The office wall chair posehelps with both quadriceps and glutes. Simple leg exercises such as these may improve age-related issues with walking and speed.   

Upper body and arms should not be neglected. Incline desk push-ups are an inventive way of training your triceps, pectorals, scapular and rotator-cuff muscles. Desk chair shrugs focus on your serratus anterior (the area beneath your arms). Resistance training improves bone mass and strength, preventing osteoporosis (a weakening of the bones). Maintaining muscle size and strength is also important for maintaining mobility and all-round fitness.   

As well as improving your health and fitness, exercise is most effective when part of a wider healthy lifestyle. For those starting out fresh – build strength first, know your limits and don’t risk preventable injuries. Good luck and enjoy!

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