6 HR-trends for 2018

With all the changes in the workplace, though, HR can be an overwhelming role. How do you decide what to focus on? Let’s dig into each trend to see.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) may take some jobs and change others — it’s not a question of either/or, but both. The big priority for HR is figuring out how to reorganize teams and processes to make best use of new technology. AI is ubiquitous and humans need to understand how to collaborate with the machines.
HR must learn and prepare to instruct others on the benefits of technology and how to use it to improve productivity and business results. Employees are using more and more innovative tools in their daily lives — think Uber and Amazon’s Alexa — and coming to outdated tools in the workplace will leave them frustrated and disengaged.

2. Leveraging Digital

If AI still sounds far in the future for your organization, remember that many workplaces are still not using digital to the full extent. The greater trend in business is the shift to service-focused, customer-centric solutions, and with this, business models that are always on and digital. According to Bersin, this means a flatter organization with dynamic roles. This huge shift in organizational structure means people need to be reskilled.
The accelerating change requires HR’s involvement from the start.

3. Reshaping HR

“Instead of thinking of HR as human resources, professionals in this space need to think of themselves as being in the business of human transformation,” author, speaker and futurist Jacob Morgan says.
These changes in the organization also redefine the role of HR. The reactionary route of eliminating performance reviews or making them more frequent is being replaced with a total rethinking of the purpose of performance management.

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