7 Must Have Business Travel Essentials

Travel with these gadgets and accessories to help ensure your business trip runs smoothly.

Making sure that you have everything to hand when you’re back at base in the office can be hard enough, so when you’re traveling for work it’s an additional hassle. Pack these seven essential pieces of kit, however, and you should have all you require for a successful business trip. 

A portable battery pack
So that your tablet, e-reader, phone or computer never run out of juice, keep a fully charged external battery charger pack on you at all times. The smallest of these are the size of a lipstick, the largest are similar in proportion to a paperback book. The more expensive models hold more charge, can charge multiple devices simultaneously and charge quicker than their cheaper trickle-charge counterparts. Before buying a device check its mAh (milliampere hours) rating. The higher the rating the more charge it can store. The ElectriQ Universal Laptop and USB Power Bank has a vast 30,000mAh capacity, which will charge most laptops two to three times over; and it is compatible with most devices, including cameras, tablets and phones. 

A global travel adapter with USB ports
Its time to upgrade your travel adaptor to one that includes USB ports. This will cut down on the number of separate adaptors you need to travel with and lighten the load. The KINDEN Universal AC International Armour travel power charger wall adapter plug covers over 150 countries with standard US, UK, EU and AU plugs. It has two 25A USB outputs and also comes with a car charger.

A Smart suitcase
Not only do you want your suitcase to look smart, you want it to act smart too.The Bluesmart Black Edition suitcase does just that. Hidden within its sleek water resistant shell is a global location tracker powered by GPS and a 3G SIM card, so you can quickly hunt it down should it go missing. You can also lock it remotely via an app and should it leave your side it will automatically lock itself. Plus, it features a USB charger with a 10,000 mAh  capacity, which should charge your phone up to six times before it needs recharging itself; and its built-in weight sensors lets it weight itself and tell you if it’s within airline weight limits. 

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