7 tips for getting more out of business travel

Whatever your view, there are ways to make travelling easier and more rewarding. Here are seven tips from Michael Skapinker (Financial Times). You will no doubt have your own.

• Keep a packing checklist. I always used to walk out the door worried I had left something behind. A friend reassured me that all I needed was a passport and a credit card. I could buy anything I had forgotten. This did not calm me.

Paper boarding passes are still best. Downloading a boarding pass on a mobile phone is no substitute. First, many airline staff seem wary of handling a mobile phone when you hand it to them at the gate. They are probably worried about dropping it, which is understandable. 

There is only one reason to get on the aircraft first: to ensure you can get your hand luggage into an overhead locker. With wheelie suitcases, laptops and sundry other parcels, there is far too much luggage on board. You do not want to be one of the passengers standing helplessly in the aisle with your bag when there is no space in the lockers. 

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