• How to keep a positive attitude at work

    1. Don’t criticise others unless it is constructive. Do you need to pass on how you feel about someone? Do they need to know? Do other people need to know? Probably not! If someone rubs you up the wrong way, it is generally much better to ignore them and let it go than criticise or moan about them to others. Trust me the sooner you brush it off, the better for you. Other people’s bad behaviour and outlook on life is their problem, not yours
    2. Always come with a potential solution when discussing a problem. There will always be issues and problems that crop up at work, yes they are annoying and yes you could complain about them but wouldn’t it be better if you fixed them? Positive people find solutions to problems, and this is an excellent trait for an Assistant to have.
    3. Surround yourself with other positive people. Find other people in the office that have a great outlook on life. These are your tribe!
    4. Don’t gossip… ever. Gossip is the worst and benefits no one, particularly in the office. Try not to get involved as hard as it might seem.
    5. Remember your sense of humour, this will see you through the worst of times.
    6. Take a break when you are having an awful day. Go for a walk, read a book in your local cafe. Getting out of the office for an hour will give you some perspective on what is happening and a break to refocus on what you need to do to sort all that crap out!

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