Getting the best out of your day

Everyone gets the same allocation of time in a day.nothing more, nothing less.
Have you ever wondered how others seem to make the best of the time they have while you sometimes grapple to get one meaningful thing done in a day?

Below are some guidelines to utilize your time effectively:

1. Focus on what you can control
It is of no use crying over things that you have no control over. You will certainly not stop the sun from going down nor stop the clock from ticking one more second. You have control over what you do within the second. You have control over what you think and process as the day progresses.

2 Think positive thoughts that drive you to action
Productivity belongs to those who have mastered the art of thinking right and acting accordingly. It is wisdom to train your mind to focus on what you desire, what you feel you need to achieve rather than thoughts of hatred, bitterness, depression, anxiety and so on. Such thought wear you down and they eat into your time and your health. Your day may sometimes come with tension and pressure but realize that the people you meet are not the enemies, refuse to express your frustration on
innocent people.

3 Plan your activities - do not just plunge into the day
Some people believe in instincts that say “I shall see the day as it progresses”. They may have bouts or pinches of excitement as they achieve one or two things. However unknown to them, if they only planned their day as it begins, they would have achieved 10 times more. Write down everything you need to do, reorganize according to priority and location. Act on the plan. Whatever is left over forms your work activity plan for the following day so; do not worry.

4 Delegate tasks to those who are available to help
Empower and monitor and evaluate. You gain power by delegation contrary to common fears in people who lead others. Delegation frees your time to focus on major and core issues in a more detailed manner. No matter how available people are to help, if you are insecure, you will always feel better when you do it yourself. Sooner or later, your days will be boring and exhausting. You can actually gain power by shedding some off to others.

5 Seek clarity on what you must deliver
There is no use doing anything whose expected results you are not certain of. You are measured on the outcomes of your work as they compare to what you are employed to do. You could be the most hard working employee yet always be cautioned for overstepping your scope. Lack of clarity is dangerous in any area of life you will ever be involved whether in the home setting, society or in the business domain / sector. 

6 Entertain people who stand to help you to achieve more
It is easy to have a sour day by counseling people who leave you with a sour after-taste. If someone adds value to the areas of expectation then you can entertain or accommodate them. Always find creative ways of letting people realize that you
are serious about your time.

7 Dress your best, feel it
When you start a day without a sense of “I am looking good”, you tend to be sensitive to other people receiving such comments. When you feel it within yourself that you look good then you won’t crave for any affirmations from anyone. You just flow in your confidence as you do your work.

8 Know how to deal with impromptu events
Not every suddenly is important no matter how urgent. Anticipate that there will be unplanned things that happen. While it is good to be flexible, “suddenlies” must not be the norm by which you run your day or else it defeats the whole purpose of planning and getting organized.

9 Act on one thing at a time
Divided attention normally leads to results that are not excellent or projects that are abandoned mid way. You rather do 4 things in a day but do them excellently than attempt to multi-task and in the end have nothing to show for the sweat and effort. There is usually so much joy associated with a sense of achievement. Achieve tasks and tick them off and sense the urge to push for the next item on the list.

10 Take time to relax and do something you enjoy
For some it’s a 10 minute walk in the park, for some its sitting at a restaurant and having a favorite dish. In some instances you want a few minutes away from the office, alone, with the phone off. Whatever it is that reduces tension in the body, do it. 

Source: Deskdemon