LEGO and comedy: the perfect combination for a succesful product launch

New product development often is a time consuming proces that challenges your co-workers over the span of several months, if not years. Roche Diagnostics AG was looking for a way to keep their international marketing and sales force focussed and enthusiastic. Comedy and LEGO bricks proved to be key in this success story.

Roche found Amazings, the art company run by creative octopus Dirk Denoyelle. Besides holidng a masters degree in micro-electronics, Dirk is a LEGO artist, comedian and singer. This unique combination has been a succesful combination for years for company events.

"Dirk was a great event host and teambuilding facilitator. HE gave our marketingteams a day full of inspiration and creativity," says Astrid Merida, International Product Manager at Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz (CH) “The launch of a new product is something people work towards for years. As a manger it is quite a challenge to keep motivating your teams throughout the process. The event created with Amazings gave us the right boost to go for it till the finish."

Original and dynamic

Roche Diagnostics organised the event for the internal launch of the new ‘cobas e 801 module’, an innovative piece of equipment for medical diagnostics.  In order to bridge time between this internal launc and the actuallaunch one year later, and to avoid that team members attention for this flagship machine would slip away, Roche wanted to create an original dialogue with the teams. "The day started with some speeches that Dirk summarized in a very funny way," says Merida. “This combination of serious content and humor worked very well. It's a perfect way to keep the participants attention."

Shortly after noon there was a LEGO teambuilding session in which several teams were thinking about and 'building' the positioning of the new product. Later the teams presented their creations to each other. Amazings offers sessions like these that vary from pure fun to in-depth brainstorming. With always the same goal: strengthen teams and stimulate people to be more creative when tackling their dayly challenges. "What I really appreciate in working with Dirk, is the variety of original ideas. He knows how to combine a serious talk with real comedy and music as if both were made for each other. And actually, that is what happens: he tailors the sketches and songs to our actual content."

LEGO dialogue

During the presentation a mysterois curtain hung in the room. At the end of the day, Dirk suprised the participants with a true comedy show. "Nobody counted on that, the atmosphere in the audience was just superb", says Merida. The show ended with the unveiling of the new cobas e 801 module. “It was awesome to see and hear how people in the room reacted to that. The event brought the new product to live with our teams, a year before it's actual launch. That was very motivating".