Switzerland with a twist !!

Glamping in Switzerland – An experience with a ‘big’ difference!

Combine "glamorous" and "camping" and end up with a new industry trend. Switzerland has different types of this new and exciting accommodation on offer. The cosy but luxurious rooms come in various shapes and forms: pods, tree houses, or even see-through hotels. An unforgettable experience for small groups that want to give their meeting or incentive an unusual twist. Ideal for a 100%  Swiss experience combining design and authenticity. Old wood, bells and the most amazing view on the Alps will give your participants a whole different view of Switzerland.
We invite you to discover Whitepod, an eco-luxury hotel & Alpine experience in the Valais. It offers 18 luxurious domes in the heart of the Alps, a restaurant with healthy local cuisine. With its unique environment, its infrastructure and its rich program of activities, Whitepod is perfect getaway for hosting corporate outings, seminars or group excursions.
Located at the centre of the resort, a fully equipped brand new meeting room is available for your seminars or work sessions. Did we mention the breath taking view over the Alps? You’ll love it! Capacity: theatre style 30, royal 17 , low seating 15 people. No more projectors! Use the state of the art 65-inch HD screen for your presentations or movies.
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Corporate volunteering in the mountains.

A team event with a difference: social commitment on a farm in the mountains. For more than 40 years, the farmers in the mountains have had the support of Caritas-Montagnards. Often in difficult circumstances and during the very busy summer months, the farmers can request help from volunteers in a simple and efficient way. Take your group on a mission to help save the existence of Swiss farmers. The one-day excursions by the non-profit charity Caritas, invites you to experience the challenging life and impressive work of farmers in the mountain regions of Switzerland. Even in these modern days, these families live and toil in the mountains in sometimes very simple circumstances and they are more than grateful for a pair of extra hands to lighten their daily work burden. Participants can roll up their sleeves and engage in an unforgettable social activity, with the backdrop of awe-inspiring Swiss nature. Volunteers can live this quite unique experience for a day and return to their hotel in the evening with a great feeling of fulfilment… and maybe a few sore muscles! Caritas offers a great choice of possible destinations, there is surely a farm in the vicinity of your hotel in Switzerland.
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