• Reducing spam

    Check privacy policies and marketing opt-outs or opt-ins carefully
    When filling in any form, look out for the 'opt-in or opt-out' box, which is usually at the bottom of the form. If you read the short statement, it will tell you how the organisation intends to use your information.

    Never respond to spam
    Replying can indicate that your email address is live. This can encourage the more unscrupulous senders to send you even more emails.

    Don't click on the adverts in spam emails
    By clicking on spammers' web pages, you identify your email address as being live and may make yourself a target for more emails. It can also make your computer open to virus and other malicious attacks.

    Use a spam filter on your computer
    Spam filters are programs that work with your email package to sift through new emails, identifying spam and blocking it.

    Keep your home / office computer well maintained
    Hackers and spammers can exploit software problems, so most software companies issue product updates and patches that fix known problems.

    Download the updates and patches to ensure your computer is well protected

    Source: Deskdemon