The Top Corporate Wellness Trends

Chances are you know a few co-workers, family members or friends who have made their New Year’s resolution all about their health and wellness. It turns out, your company’s goal for 2017 may be the same.

Corporate wellness programs have come a long way in the recent years. With growing popularity, it’s safe to say that corporate wellness programs are no longer just a “fad,” and they are here to stay. The percentage of companies with wellness programs is estimated to keep increasing, as organizations now realize they need some type of wellness initiative to stay current and competitive.

With wellness programs on the rise, creativity and innovation are flourishing to keep employee wellness initiatives fresh and exciting. So, what are some work site wellness trends we can expect to see implemented in 2017? The new year calls for more flexibility, greater emphasis on total well-being, healthier work environments and improved technology for work site wellness.

The idea of a flexible workplace is not ground-breaking. However, many companies still struggle to make a flexible work environment a reality for their employees. Believe it or not, flexibility covers a lot of the groundwork needed for employee wellness, as it focuses on improving work-life balance.

The ability to work from home has become more popular with modern companies. The privilege to work from home, once earned, can be seen as a competitive perk for many full-time employees. The idea of teleworking can be beneficial for employee wellness in a multitude of ways, including reduced absenteeism, reduced stress and even increased productivity.

Flex Schedules
Flexible schedules are ideal for any employee who is raising a family or even for an employee with a long commute in the morning. Flexible hours increase employee wellness by reducing stress and building trust and autonomy in the workplace. 

Total Well-Being
It is becoming more and more evident to companies that wellness is more than just physical health. Work site wellness will start to see a shift in initiatives and goals to support total well-being. 

The practice of mindfulness has been a growing trend itself. In simple terms, mindfulness focuses on “being” rather than “doing

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