Travel trends 2017

Travel technology company Amadeus has unveiled its list of travel trends that will have an impact on the industry next year.

The rise of retail
The travel industry will begin to model itself on the retail industry, relying more and more on cross-selling and upselling. Travel agents will plug in negotiated content and third-party deals rather than relying solely on GDScontent.

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of personalisation. Demographics are becoming less and less relevant, as travellers want options that are contextual, based on their ever-changing needs: the next stage of personalization is giving the traveller what he wants at a given time.

Changing the definition of Low-cost carrier
In the past travellers have viewed LCCs as the no-frills way to travel between two cities. While travellers will still want to take advantage of the lower cost of an LCC, they will be looking for a full-service experience including mobile alerts and a higher level of duty of care.

Virtual and augmented reality
The travel industry is all about selling an experience, and VR and AR will become important selling tools. Travellers will be able to go inside an aircraft cabin and choose their seat, or walk around a hotel room or downtown neighbourhood, encouraging them to make a decision and book.

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