• Why choose Switzerland as a destination?

    Today an organiser of congresses and events has a seemingly unending choice of destinations all over the world each with their own specialties and strong points. Reason the more to take a look at a destination that not only easy to reach, but also offers a very varied selection of possibilities and ideas. This probably explains why Switzerland is such a favourite of the business world.

    Switzerland can boast a long tradition where conventions and meetings are concerned and many people and organisations choose this country to negotiate deals or develop strategies. Many international organisations, sports federations and non-profit organisations have their seat in Switzerland, another good reason to choose this multifaceted country that has so much to offer both in Summer and in Winter. Historically Switzerland has also invested heavily in both education and renewal and plays therefore an important role in two major industries: IT and communication.

    Switzerland has the reputation of being an ecological country, where nature is respected and this respect is ingrained in daily life. The country has excellent credentials in different disciplines such as recycling, waste disposal, transport and general management of the land. The country also practices a policy of durability as far as the use of natural resources is concerned. Nature is never far away in Switzerland, nature even plays an important role in many industries, not in the least of the tourism industry and more specifically in the events industry where the different opportunities all over the country are definitely used to a maximum.  

    A stable country
    The economic and financial stability of the country, the art of punctuality and the quality of the services on offer are all deep ingrained values that definitely contribute to Swiss successes and are all qualities high on the list of event organiser who are on the lookout for stability to enable them, together with the Swiss partners, to concentrate on the perfect running of his event, convention, seminar or incentive trip.

    Traditional yet contemporary.
    Switzerland is a country that is, rightly so, proud of its many traditions, but it is also a country continuously investing in infrastructures for congresses and events. An organiser can find a vast choice of sporting or cultural activities. But the main reason remains the discovery of the nature and the beauty of the landscapes.

    The promotional campaign of Switzerland Tourism for 2017 “ Nature wants you back” can be seen as  an invitation to escape a world that is over connected and to find a renewed serenity and discover treasures in the diversity of the Swiss fauna and flora.

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