• 4 Steps To Improve Your Work-life Balance

    We live in a modern world obsessed with working and achieving – and that isn’t a bad thing but we do have an issue with mental wellness lead by this obsession. So lets look at how to achieve a better work life balance.

    Limit your time on social media
    The first way that you could improve your work-life balance is by ensuring that you limit the time you spend on social media and various other online platforms. It is becoming more and more common for people to spend endless amounts of time on social media platforms, be it for work or entertainment purposes. However, this is not always beneficial and can reduce the amount of genuine interaction that an individual may have with their friends and/or family. It is important, therefore, to limit yourself to a certain amount of social media time per day. 

    Separate work life from your personal life
    Another way to improve your work-life balance is to ensure that you use your time away from work to concentrate on being away from work i.e. putting up boundaries.
    For most people, checking their emails or text messages for work updates has become habitual. This means, however, that their mind is far more likely to be thinking about working than relaxing, thereby limiting the time which they may need to recuperate. One simple solution to this problem is to avoid texts or emails which involve work over the weekend or outside of work times. By doing so, you can enjoy time to yourself, or with your family.

    Create some protected ‘Me Time’
    It is vital to spend some time focusing purely on your own needs - as your well-being is so vitally important. One way of doing this is might be by picking a hobby which you can do by yourself, or with a small group, which allows your mind to relax.

    Spend time with people you like
    As well as allocating some alone time, you should ensure that you allocate time to spend with people you like – e.g. family, friends, romantic partners etc. Time with loved ones is one of the most precious things that an individual could ask for. 

    Now you know how to maximise your work-life balance. It is up to you now to put them into place.

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